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Introducing Halalan Initiative

Roughly speaking, Halalan Initiative is a group of people aiming for educated elections by developing software and holding online campaigns that can help people further evaluate candidates/politicians before, during, and after elections. The actual definition is not yet finished but the idea revolves around that.

There are two ongoing projects as of now. First is PolCat which stands for (The) Politician Catalog. The goal is to provide a platform to record information about politicians. The second is Halalan which is a long-standing project of UnPLUG.

Visit Halalan Initiative and join the forums.

Project on Hold

Last time, I posted about working on a project. Well, that project is only a hobby project that I want to use as a platform to learn other things. Unfortunately, time is not kind to me again. I’m lazy, you see. And I’m having difficulties giving time to that project. I have to finish some important things first. So the lesson for me is I will post again about that project when I have something concrete to show. Hehe.